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The Fine Print

Registration and Payment
When students contact us to register for a class, they are effectively checking to see if seats are still available. A student does not have a confirmed seat until we have received tuition payment information. This means registration is on a first funded, first confirmed basis, according to seat availability.

We realize this is an extra step in the registration process, but we have found it effective in eliminating unfilled seats due to funding that was not received at the last minute. To provide some balance to this requirement, we reserve the right to permit previous applicants a reasonable time to get their funding secured before accepting the funding of later applicants.

Accepted Payment Methods
We accept purchase orders, government purchase cards, and major credit cards. Credit cards should be called in at . Please do NOT send credit card info via E-mail, as it is not encrypted and could be intercepted by internet bandits while enroute. Better safe than sorry. Purchase orders should be sent via .

When calling in or faxing payment information, be certain to also include the following:

  • Name of the course and dates or location
  • Name and phone number for the fiscal point of contact (the person in charge of the money)
  • Name of the student or students and their location

Our policy is to submit invoices or charge credit cards AFTER a course has been delivered. If you require billing to occur before the class, you'll need to request that when you register.

Confirmed registrations canceled less than 10 working days prior to course start may be subject to a 50% cancellation fee if a replacement student cannot be located.

Pioneer Data Systems reserves the right to cancel any course. In the unlikely event of a course cancellation, Pioneer Data Systems will refund collected tuition fees in full. Pioneer Data Systems is not responsible for the cost of nonrefundable travel reservations or any other related costs.